Registration for the school year begins in January with the re-registration of students presently attending the school. Following the open house at the end of January, new applications for Kindergarten and the other grades are processed. Intake interviews with the principal begin shortly thereafter. Applications may be submitted at any time during the school year.

To be eligible to enter Kindergarten in September of a given school year, a child’s fifth birthday must occur on or before December 31 of that school year.

Until February 14th applicants are prioritized as follows:

  1. Families with children currently attending the school.
  2. St Alphonsus Parishioners* & St. Alphonsus Nursery School Students.
  3. Catholics from other parishes.

*Refers to actively participating parish members

Beginning February 15th registration will be open to all other applicants.

The registration process continues until classes are full at which time applicants are invited to remain on a waiting list.
Class sizes range between 22 and 27 students.

Application Forms

Kindergarten Application Form
Grade 1-8 Application Form

Those parents who wish to apply for Nursery School please click here.

Registration Form

Online Registration Form (for all accepted students)