New Report Cards

October 23, 2018

As indicated in our June newsletter,  over the course of last year the teachers reflected on our reporting process and determined that we wanted to revamp our school report card to better reflect our practice and important trends in provincial education. A staff sub-committee developed a draft report, which we have now fine-tuned and wish to share with the parent community. Versions of the  kindergarten, early years, middle years and junior high reports  are linked below.

Why a New Report?

The primary purpose of the report card is to communicate to parents information on their children’s growth and achievement as learners. As the teaching staff reflected on our reporting process, we felt that although the old report cards were good, there was room to improve on the clarity of our communication.


What is  Different?

  • Grades and comments for ELA and Mathematics are together, as opposed to an all subject mark page and a full comment page. There is a general comment box for teachers to use as needed for any other subject areas including specialists (music, gym French)
  • The Performance Scale has been adjusted to reflect the scale used on the Manitoba Provincial Report card. We chose this scale to allow for greater continuity and easier transitions as students move forward to new schools. All public schools and many independent schools have adopted this scale.
  • Comments will focus on Strengths (what a student is able to do), Needs (areas of learning that require further development) and Next Steps (ways to support student growth). Although our comments have contained these areas, this information can get lost or missed amongst the program information in the larger comments. Teachers can communicate aspects of the program to  parents via their blog, emails, in-class newsletter or any other general communications.
  • Specialists will provide program updates through the school newsletter.


What about Kindergarten?

The Kindergarten report card is very different from the old version. It has many similarities with the other grades, but uses a different performance scale more in keeping with their stage of development.


What Might be Different for My Child?

As the Performance Scale has been adjusted you may notice some movement in your child’s grades. Whereas in a prior report your child may have received 4, they may receive 3 is a given area or vice versa. This may feel  disconcerting, particularly if the grades move “down”. Don’t assume there is a problem based on this type of movement. The descriptors for each number are changed and the percentage scales have moved as well.  As has always been the case, if there are academic concerns your child’s teacher will be in contact with you well ahead of the date when report cards are issued. That said, your child’s teacher will address any concerns or questions you have regarding your child’s grades, please contact them as needed. Additionally, teachers will be discussing the new report with the students at all levels to deepen their understanding and allay any concerns that may arise.


We look forward to working with this new and improved document and we welcome feedback from parents and students  as we move through this first term and first year of implementation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or input.

Kindergarten Template

Grade 2 Template

Grade 5 Template

Grade 8 Template