Board and PALS

Board of Directors

The school is governed by a Board of Directors. The board is comprised of a group of elected representatives from the school and parish community, as well as the principal and the pastor of the parish. Directors serve a two or three year term and may be re-elected. Elections are held in November at the school’s Annual General Meeting. Dates for the board’s monthly meetings are posted on the school calendars. Any member of the school/parish community may attend the open portion of these meetings. The meeting minutes are posted in the Community Room.


PALS (Parents at St. Al’s) is an association of school parents who assist in the growth and development of the school through fundraising, volunteering, promoting/organizing special events and operating as a Parent Advisory Council. All school parents are considered members of PALS. The association has an elected executive and holds monthly meetings as noted on the school calendars. All parents are encouraged to attend these meetings and become involved in the many projects that are initiated by this group. Minutes from PALS meetings are distributed to all school families.