Please look for information coming home regarding our annual spring uniform fitting. Information on how to select sizes can be found in the link below:

St. Alphonsus Order Form Package – 2022

Students attending St. Alphonsus School are required to dress in uniform. The uniform is an outward sign of our unity and common purpose as a community of learners.

School Uniform

  • Long or short sleeved, white unisex shirt with school logo
  • Navy blue pants or walking shorts
  • Navy skort (optional)
  • Hoodie/fleece sweater with the school logo
  • Navy tunic
  • Socks for daily wear (ankle, knee high or leotards-colour optional)

Gym Wear – both boys and girls (Grades 5-8)

  • T-shirts with school logo
  • Shorts
  • Navy blue sweat pants
  • Runners (non-marking)

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 do not require gym uniforms, as they do not change for physical education classes.

Top Marks Uniforms

All uniform shirts and gym uniform items must be purchased through the school’s uniform distributor. Other uniform items are also available for purchase at the parents’ discretion. Pants must be navy blue and be 100% cotton or a polyester cotton blend.  Jersey or knit material is not acceptable. Pants must be standard dress pant styling, with no additional pockets (i.e.  not cargo pants) or embroidery and/or markings. Shorts must be knee length and follow the same criteria as above.

Used uniforms can be purchased through the uniform “recycling” program. Parents may contact the school office for information on the purchasing of new and used uniforms.

Order Uniforms Online

You can use the following website to order uniforms online. You will need our school password to access the correct order form.


Order Uniforms Online

Need labels for those uniform items? You can purchase them through Mabel’s Labels and support the school’s fundraiser:

Mabel’sLabels – St. Alphonsus School