Our school resource team includes a resource teacher and several educational assistants. Student needs are addressed through the combined efforts of the resource teacher, the classroom teacher, the educational assistants and outside professional supports (if required).  Student support may include an individual educational program (IEP), an Adapted Education Plan (AEP), one-on-one instruction, small group assistance and specialized services as suggested by the Student Services Team.

 Through a shared services agreement with RETSD, St. Alphonsus School has access to the Student Services Clinical Team comprised of a school psychologist, a reading clinician, a speech and language pathologist and a social worker.  Parents are contacted by the school for consent prior to clinical involvement with the student.  The Student Services Clinical Unit is able to review the student’s learning profile and determine the form of support that is required.  The clinicians are able to observe, consult and provide recommendations to the school team.  If direct student clinical assessment or intervention is warranted, a formal referral will be forwarded to the Director of Student Services of RETSD for approval.

For further information, please contact our resource teacher by email at