Grades 1-8

Early Years

Our early years program picks up where our kindergarten finishes off. As students progress through grades 1-4, their unique gifts are celebrated.

Our early years language arts program focuses on individual learning, with a special emphasis on guided reading, where students are met with reading materials that challenge them at their instructional level. At the same time, learning to work cooperatively in small groups and how to listen to each other are important goals. Connecting hands-on experiences to more abstract concepts helps to strengthen students’ understanding, and is a major emphasis at this level.

Middle years

As students head into grade five and six, school life is marked by an increasing level of independence. Projects, assignments and activities challenge students to think critically and creatively. Guided by their teachers, students use a variety of technology to communicate their learning

Junior High

Our junior high students are the leaders in our student community. They continue to build on the foundation from earlier grades, while expanding and deepening their understanding of themselves and the world.


Students in grade seven and eight write exams in January and June in the following subjects: English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Exams count for 20% of the students’ term marks. We view the exams as an opportunity for students to learn about studying, exam preparation and exam writing in a safe and comfortable environment.