At our School Board Meeting last month we had a discussion about the Volunteer Incentive Program and the continuing impact that COVID has had on volunteer opportunities in our school community. The Board decided that once again the right course of action is to refund the Volunteer Incentive Fees to families for the 2021-22 school year. If you have paid tuition in full, the school will issue a cheque to your family. If you are on a payment plan, your payments will be reduced over the remaining months of the school year. Kim Le Heiget, our Finance Officer, will look after this process in the coming weeks; thank you for your patience in awaiting the refund or adjustment.

If you would prefer to leave the volunteer incentive fees with the school as a donation, the school will provide you with a donation receipt for the entire amount ($300). In this case, please contact Kim to let her know your intention.

The Board has been reviewing the Volunteer Incentive Program over the past number of years. When the program was started, its intent was to encourage volunteerism in areas that either generated income or saved costs for the school. In the past, families could volunteer at the thrift shop, making perogies, working at Casino Bingos and working at the School Bingo. At one time, parents would have been called upon to paint the school or help with landscaping. Over time all these activities have ceased, leaving families with very few options for this type of volunteering for credit. As a result, and after forgoing the Volunteer Incentive Program for the last two years, the Board has decided to remove the program from the school fee structure.

Of course, the school will continue to encourage volunteering in the school, especially as the pandemic threat lessens; we are proud of how this community works together! We know we can count on parents to continue to engage in meaningful ways with the school for the betterment of our children’s educational experience.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity Contact Person Phone Number email Time frame
Dress Up and Dance Hallowe’en Social Christine Grosshans 667-6271 Fall
Gala Dinner & Dance Melanie Bilenky
Melanie Norbury
Planning-year round
Family BBQ Liz Azinha &Nicole Henderson 997-8847
School Board Christina Love 479-8087 board@stals.ca  Year Round, elections at the AGM in the fall
Open House Christine McInnis 667-6271 cmcinnis@stals.ca January
Maintenance/Gardens Richard Lambert 667-6271 Rlambert@stals.ca Fall Spring
PALS Joe Di Martino 204-229-0326 stunnerj@hotmail.com Year Round
Coaching Blake McInnis 667-6271 bmcinnis@stals.ca Volleyball Sept-Dec
Basketball Jan– Mar.
Book Fair Helen Dembicki 661-3751 hdembicki@stals.ca October
Used Uniform Sales Christine McInnis 667-6271 cmcinnis@stals.ca Throughout the year
Progressive Fundraising  Andria Gudmonson  619-1552  andria.gudmundson@gmail.com November/Spring
Vision/Hearing Screening Michelle Larid 667-6271 mlaird@stals.ca Fall/January
Library Kerry Babiuk 667-6271 kbabiuk@stals.ca Year Round
Special Events(Christmas Concert, Gift wrap, etc.) Christine McInnis 667-6271 cmcinnis@stals.ca Year Round